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GLOCK G18C is the legendary full-auto version of the classic G17 design. While you may never see the firearm version, Umarex has the only officially licensed airsoft replica of this rare design.

The G18C fires in both semi and full auto configurations and uses drop free magazines that house both the 6mm BBs and the green gas. The GLOCK G18C uses Gen 3 styling features and will launch a stream of .20 gram BBs at 300 FPS.

1 LENGTH (OVERALL)* 204 mm | 8.03 inch
2 SLIDE LENGTH 186 mm | 7.32 inch
3 WIDTH (OVERALL) 34 mm | 1.34 inch
4 SLIDE WIDTH 29,5 mm | 1.16 inch
5 HEIGHT INCL. MAG. 155 mm | 6.10 inch
6 Sight Radius POLYMER 165 mm | 6.50 inch
Sight Radius STEEL 164 mm | 6.46 inch
Sight Radius GNS 163 mm | 6.42 inch
7 TRIGGER DISTANCE* 72 mm | 2.83 inch

As a true fully automatic pistol the G18c is one of the most specialized GLOCK pistols. With an external fire selector at the rear of the slide you can switch from semi-automatic to full-automatic firing mode.

Buy Glock 18c
Buy Glock 18C


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